Are you a Public Service Vehicle Driver looking for a Medical – Contact

Are you a Public Service Vehicle Driver looking for a Medical – Contact Ready2drive Medical

Under British Law all  Ambulance, Police, Fire, Coastguard and Health Service Drivers require a Driver Medical

What are the Categories of PCV Licence?

The 4 Categories of PCV Licence in the UK

Category D1 – holders of this licence are qualified to drive minibuses of no more than 8 metres in length with a seating capacity of 9-16 passengers and to tow a trailer of up to 750kg at the same time.

Category D1E – this licence is similar to a Category D1 licence; however it allows for the towing of a trailer over 750kg.  In total the weight of both vehicle and trailer must not be over 12 tonnes and the trailer’s weight must be less than the unladen weight of the vehicle.

Category D –  holders of this licence are qualitied to drive a bus with a seating capacity of more than 8 passengers and a trailer of up to 750kg at the same time.

Category DE – holders of this licence are qualified to any bus or coach and to tow a trailer in excess of 750kg at the same time.

What are the DVLA’s requirements for a PCV Licence?

Under UK Law all PCV Drivers must be licenced and must undergo Driver Medical Examinations as follows.

The DVLA requires PCV Drivers to complete a Driver Medical Examination upon application for a Category D Licence.  When a Driver reaches the age of 45 they are required to apply for their Licence and have a further Driver Medical Examination every 5 year and from the age of 65 years this increases to every year.

It is a requirement of the DVLA that a PCV Driver meet the following visual criteria.  A Driver must be able to accurately read a number place from a distance of (67 feet) in good day light (with glasses if worn for driving) and their visual acuity must be at least 6/9 in their better eye and 6/12 in the other eye.

The DVLA also require the Driver Medical Examination to cover general, cardiac, psychiatric and nervous system health and diabetes mellitus.

What are the problems a PCV Driver may incur in obtaining a Driver Medical Appointment?

A Driver’s own GP may be unable to carry out the Driver Medical Examination for several weeks, sometimes months.  They may charge a fee of £130 to £150.  Obtaining a follow up appointment if the D4 form is returned by the DVLA a Driver may experience a further substantial delay before s/he is able to be seen for a further appointment by their own GP.

How can Ready2Drive Medical help?

Set up in mid-2017 Ready2Drive Medical provide quality, low cost (£50) Driver Medicals carried out by fully registered and trained medical experts for PCV. HGV/LGV, Taxi, Motorsport, Crane and Forklift Drivers.

Ready2Drive Medical holds regular clinics where drivers can be seen for Driver Medical Examinations in locations around Great Britain including weekend and evening appointments.

How do I book a PCV Driver Medical Appointment with Ready2Drive Medical?

To find a clinic in your area to check available appointments please check our clinic locations.

The majority of Ready2Drive Medical’s clinics are scheduled every 2 weeks, others run once per month.

An appointment may be booked by calling our office on 0161-975-4947 or 0753-926-5659 alternatively to book on line please click . Book an appointment.

How do I pay for my Driver Medical Appointment?

The fee for a Ready2Drive Medical appointment is £50.  Details of how to pay will be provided to you by email once an appointment has been booked.

What do I need to bring to my PCV Driver Medical Appointment?

When attending a Driver Medical Appointment please ensure that you have the following with you.


  1. Photographic identification (Passport, Driving Licence)
  2. D4 Form, you may download a copy at
  3. Your glasses (if worn for driving)
  4. Your most recent glasses prescription (if relevant)
  5. List of your medications
  6. Your height and weight measurements


The Expert will be unable to complete your examination without the above documents/information.

What will happen at my PCV Driver Medical Appointment?

The Ready2Drive Medical Expert will

  • Check your identification
  • Take a Blood pressure measurement
  • Perform an eye test with and without glasses
  • List on the D4 form any medication you’re currently taking
  • List on the D4 form any hospital consultant you see regularly
  • Document your height, weight, smoking and alcohol history (To assist Expert it will be helpful if you can bring a note of your most recent weight and height with you)
  • Ask questions about your Medical history and document it on the D4 form

Routinely a PCV Driver Medical examination takes approximately 15 minutes. However, this may take longer dependent on your medical history and we advise that you allow a minimum of 1 hour for the appointment.

What do I do after my PCV Driver Medical Appointment?

Completed D4 Medical Form must be posted by you to the DVLA.  This must be done before the expiry of 3 months from your medical examination.

Please visit DVLA website if you need any more information.

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