Dr. Singh Allegedly Issued 127 Medical Certificates for Taxi Drivers Without Going Through Their Medical Records

A doctor got suspended lately just because he declared 127 taxi drivers medically fit. Ironically, later it was found out that they are not fit to work. The doctor, who calls himself Dr. Bimal Singh, conducted medical checkups of Hartlepool taxi drivers at the medical facility of Middlesbrough. This happened when drivers came in for the renewal of licenses during year 2014-15.

He completed medical certificates for individuals WITHOUT going through their prior medical records and this ultimately result in a more thorough inquiry conduct performed by authoritative figures. As a matter of fact several medical records opened up presenting conditions where many patients required considerate medical attention – including a few taxi drivers charged with drunk and driving.

In response to the questioning, the best answer Mr. Singh presented was he made a mistake and had already apologised for it. But, that still doesn’t settle the score for ten other drivers whose medical histories open up and show cases where they suffer with mental health problems, hypertension, low mood, depression and back pain.

One of the driver’s was even reported to be battling a worse case of acute psychosis due to cannabis consumption, while the other had made three attempts to suicide back in 2012.

Even though Mr. Singh accepted his mistake and apologized for it, it still not something that should easily slide off from the plate. He was left off with a suspension for a month and a ruling that he will be sanctioned if he made a similar mistake again.

The shocking part of the overall hearing was disclosed later on… although, Mr. Singh is an experienced doctor who worked in the UK since 1979, he conducted medical surveillance for taxi drivers additionally apart from his normal GP working hours during the year 2014-15. It was clear that by doing so, he was trying to make some extra cash for himself under the table which is not only unacceptable but also unethical.

What really became the cause of demise of this medical extortion by Mr. Singh was the concerns aroused by Middlesbrough and Hartlepool council’s in NHS England dated June 2015.
It was not until the conversation started heating up between the opposing party and Mr. Singh that he was compelled to spill the beans on the matter. He accepted that he certified taxi drivers as medically fit for a relatively low amount of fee without going through their medical histories.

Doctors are emblems of entrust and medicals of taxi drivers is equally important as for any other individual in UK. His actions potentially put many under high risk who use taxi as a source of traveling. Not only for those who travel by the taxis alone, but also individual pedestrians who are frequent road walkers.

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