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Although there is currently no law requiring crane operators to undergo a medical examination butthe majority of employers require crane operators to be examined by a doctor and for a certificate of medical fitness to be provided. Please check with your employer/potential employer if they have any specific form/certificate which they require completing and if so bring it with you to the appointment.

The crane operator medical examination involves:an eye test, urine analysis for diabetes, blood pressure test and questions surrounding your medical history.

How to Book an appointment?
To find clinics close to you and to check available slots, please check our clinic locations.
To book an appoint either call us on 0161-975-4947 and our dedicated staff will be only pleased to help you or to book on-line click on Book an appointment.

What documents you must bring with you for your medical?
Please note that for a Crane Driver medical you need to bring following documents with you. Without them medical expert will not be able to complete your form or issue a fitness certificate and you may need another appointment

  • Photographic identification
  • Specific form/fitness certificate by the employer (if any)
  • Your glasses (if worn)
  • Your most recent glasses prescription (if worn)
  • Your list of medications
  • Urine sample for urine analysis if required (should we not give an idea as to where they can get a relevant container?)

What to Expect on the day of examination?
A routine medical examination roughly takes about 15 minutes; however, it may take longer depending on your medical history. We advise that you allow at least 1 hour for the appointment On the day at the clinic you will be greeted by a Ready2drive medical expert who will

  • Check your identification
  • Take a Blood pressure measurement
  • Perform an eye test with and without glasses
  • Review your medications and medical history
  • Perform Urine analysis (if required by your employer)

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